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  • Lost, Dim City

    A strange place consisting of towering gray-brick ruins and familiar yet forgotten, winding roads. Stagnant clouds hang golden over a twilit sky. The players were hunted by [[:the-tatterman | The Tatterman]] here, who appeared from within a sickly …

  • Briarstone Asylum

    Built on the foundation of an old, half-built fort, Briarstone Asylum has cared for countless affected by mental illnesses since its establishment over 100 years ago. Six patients awaken here without a memory of their past life. Will they find sanity …

  • Thrushmoor

    A large town in Versex County, Ustalav. Its population nears thirty-five hundred individuals, the vast majority of which are human. [[File:652346 | class=media-item-align-center | Screen_Shot_2016-10-13_at_2.44.25_PM.png]]