Escape from Briarstone Asylum


Awaking from one nightmare to another, the Five Patients sought an exit to Briarstone Asylum.

After escaping the clutches of Davian and Dr. Scaen and saving the life of Campre Linweigh, the Five Patients climbed a mountain of corpses to return to the surface of the Asylum.

Within the halls, they encountered a stand-off with Vaustin York, and other guards who hid behind a barricade. Fearing the Five Patients to be doppelgangers, Vaustin threatened to attack should the party choose to advance. To prove their identity and allegiance, the Guard Captain required three doppelganger corpses to be procured and presented.

Thus Far

  • Escape from your cells.
  • Protect your guide, Campre Linweigh (optional).
  • Retrieve the corpses of 3 Doppelgangers to gain the trust of Vaustin York
  • Escape Briarstone Asylum.

Escape from Briarstone Asylum

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